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Françoise Nielly

Françoise Nielly and her flashy portraits. Here is a new serie of artwork, still further, more accomplished.

Francoise Nielly’s massive, colourful portraits are delicious to look at. Even more wonderful – and particularly infuriating to those of us who have timidly dabbled in painting – is to watch her create them. She, in her confident, strong hand, wields her painting knife shaped like a miniature garden trowel, and makes painting look easy like cake frosting. She paints her vivid, passionate canvases — some as large as 78 x 25 inches (195 x 62 centimeters) — from black-and-white photos, further proof of her unfailing ability to interpret light, shadow, hue and tone by applying brilliant colors and daring strokes.

Pas mal


Who rides who?

Belles mécaniques


1) Jean Grey as the Black Queen by Mike Mayhew

2) Emma Frost by Greg Horn   via

3) X-23 by Marko Djurdjevic

4) Snow White by James Jean

5) Buffy Summers by Jo Chen

6) Daenerys Targaryen by Sam Spratt on Tumblr

7) Mazikeen by Duncan Fegredo

8) Maya Lopez by David Mack on Tumblr

9) Tulip O’Hare by Glenn Fabry

10) Spider-Woman by Alex Ross

belles heroines



Dont touche fragile

Dont touche fragile


Louise Brooks

Louise ans Betty créé womans


Fly Art The best marriage on the internet: Art and hip hop according to Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano.

Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano have brought together, in their eyes, two of the most essential aspects of culture: art and hip hop. Rad reveals to the world their first collection. The two creators of Fly Art select song lyrics and search for the painting that suits them best. That’s how Kanye West meets Cézanne,  connects with Magritte and Frank Ocean joins Renoir.

Stoked is probably not going to cut it, but we’re at bursting point with excitement. First thing’s first: We’d like to thank all of you here on tumblr for your unending support and patience for all of the weird things we turn out every so often. It’s been a learning experience considering none of us are art majors, I mean, when did we ever begin to care about rococo or impressionism?

j’adore cette rencontre de l’art et de l’humour


Michel Lamoller

  ” tautochronos”

a research about the possibilities of melting several moments in time down into one. ongoing project.



Chen Dao Lee’s Twisted Paintings of Fiery-Haired Vixens

Taiwan-born artist Chen Dao Lee’s creates ambiguous narratives of unresolved tensions. His style is nearly photorealistically perfect. His compositions are taut and vigorous. If the light in his work made a noise, it would be loud and blaring. It’s his choice of subject that makes the work provocative. Each piece features young, beautiful, semi-clad women with garish red hair. Some hold automatic weapons. Some wrestle with each other. Some engage in sexual escapades with other women. Some do so with other men. These women are young, beautiful, and… bored. 





 Nishe Photography

Magdalena Lutek on Flickr

Nishe (aka Magdalena Lutek) is an up-and-coming Polish photographer who beautifully captures feminine, melancholic worlds only to the tune of film and instant film.



Norman Alfred Williams Lindsay (1879-1969) Australia