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Classic paintings with a Modern Twist // ‘Art x Smart’ series by Kim Dong-kyu

Artist on Tumblr|Facebook

In his recent project ‘Art x Smart’, Korean illustrator Kim Dong-Kyu combines famous historical paintings with images of 21st century technology. I call it a fusion of the modern day with classical moments from art and history, resulting in one massive head f… I mean head spin. And I like it. The works are also a piercing comment on the way smartphones have dramatically changed today’s social interaction. Apart from being absurdly funny, the series also draw attention to our relationship with new technologies and their influence on modern society.

Some of these images are pretty ridiculous but it seems so familiar these days – the swiping, scrolling, grammin’ (that’s Instagramming for all you “non-users”), and regular selfies find their way into paintings by Vermeer, Picasso, Manet and Van Gogh – as if the action was of second nature to them, like it is for us.

1. ‘Her Mirror,’ 2013 after ‘Rokeby Venus’ by Diego Velázquez, 1647–51.

2.. When you see the amazing sight,’ 2013 / after ‘Wanderer above the sea of fog’ by Caspar David Friedrich, 1818.

3.. ‘Always in my hand,’ 2013 / after ‘in the conservatory’ by Édouard Manet, 1878-9.4.

4. Girl with a pearl earring and an iPhone,’ 2013 / after ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ by Johannes Vermeer, 1665.

5. ‘Luncheon,’ 2013 / after ‘The luncheon on the grass’ by Édouard Manet, 1862–1863.

6. The Scream,’ 2013 / after ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch, 1893.

7.‘Music for dreaming’ after ‘the dream’ by pablo picasso, 1932

8. In a cafe’ after ‘l’absinthe‘ by  edgar degas, 1876

9. ‘A family gathering’ after ‘the balcony’ by édouard manet, 1868 

10. ‘The Last 2G Phone User,’ 2013 / after ‘The Last Supper’ by  Leonardo Da Vinci, 1495-98.

J’aime cet humour



j’adore le vintage art

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Pejac: New Street Pieces - Paris, France

on Facebook

Pejac recently spent some time in Paris, France where he worked his way through a couple of new street pieces including the above piece which is entitled “Ants”.
With his minimalist but clear style, he painted 2 silhouettes of kids being cruel with magnifying glass on what looks like colony of ants. But, instead of burning ants which is always an interesting game to play, these kids are burning little humans. The artist used the texture of raw concrete wall, and painted these little men to look as a realistic colony of ants. Juxtaposed with flat silhouettes of children, the tiny creatures shown with their shadows and in perspective, look very fragile and harmless. The Spanish artist also painted two extra pieces including a surrealistic and amazing door.
Check out more photos of the new pieces after the jump and come back soon for more mural updates from Pejac. This piece can be seen in person @ Avenue de 8 Mai 1945, Vitry-sur-Seine, Paris.

Asylum on top


Modern Grimm by Björn Griesbach





Antoine Cordet Paintings

Artist on Tumblr, Saatchi Art

A striking feature of Antoine Cordet’s body of work is that nearly all of his subjects are male. In an image culture where the bare, female body is used as a story-telling medium in everything from art to advertising, this aspect of Cordet’s work is refreshing. The Parisian painter’s artworks resemble discarded party polaroids that have taken a serious beating. Snapshot-like portraits of dejected youths, the paintings spell out agony and confusion with muddled brushstrokes and dripping paint splatters — like a visualization of a secret quickly whispered in passing. See more of Cordet’s paintings below.



Dessi Terzieva is a Detroit-based 22-year-old law student who “maintains her sanity through her art”. So in between her Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law classes, she whips out these beautiful, thoughtfully-constructed collages.

In the process of cutting pictures from old books and magazines, I get to know my characters and their story, ultimately to make them my own

By giving them a new reality, they give me a voice. Each collage is the equivalent of a diary entry. I am speaking to you and others, telling you how I feel, what I think, what I crave, and what I despise via

Check out her tumblr


j’aime les collages




Hannah Scott aka Hannah Lee Scott (USA) - 1: Driftwood, 2012  2,5: Shadow Play, 2013  Graphite on Paper   3,4: Now You See Me/Now You Don’t, 2013  Watercolors on Paper  6: The Wanting Was So Much Easier Than The Getting, 2012  Graphite  7: A Tribute To My Teeth, 2012 Watercolors  8: Fade Out/Black Out, 2013 Drawings: Graphite  9: Untitled, 2012  Graphite





Really enjoying these re-coloured comic images that are floating around on tumblr at the moment, sadly non of them have been credited. But aren’t the colour palettes just delicious! 



Olivia De Berardinis.

An incredible and iconic illustrator inspiring us everyday.

Quand Olivia rencontre betty